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A digital night shot of the yard office and tower that sits in Kayne Ave. yard, Nashville. This building is not a model of that structure, but a kitbash of two Plasticville towers from about 1960. It’s character is similar, and serves the same purpose in the same spot as the one today. NC&StL line side structures were usually painted two-tone green and yellow. After 1957 when the L&N merged the line into their corporate structure, many were repainted white per L&N late practice.
Famous outside braced NC&StL cabooses were easily recognized and distinctive. Twenty were built by the RR, and this is a model of number 6. A Northeastern Scale Models craftsman-type kit from the early sixties, I may have it painted the wrong color! Few color photos or shop records exist to help “get it right” where many items are concerned.. The detail is very good for an early model but some pains have been taken to add details such as full brake rigging..
Curving past Shops and westbound on the main, two pair of F’s meet up. The tracks behind curve around to the right into Nashville. Behind us the RR goes through the wall to Memphis. Photo by a friend of ours, a 2Mp digital original.
Number 660 is one of my oldest engines and has served me well. Though a bit rough since my skills were not all that good in 1970, she still is presentable as-is with scratch-built Vandy tender and a few added details. Yes, it is hand lettered. This is a John English USRA Mike complete with brass tires on its drivers. I have added a recent can motor and flywheel to keep it “runable” with the other engines.
Kayne Ave Roundhouse, engine facility and turntable is a great spot to catch most any kind of action from turning of RPO cars and observations, to seeing large engines from time to time. The 90’ turntable is scratch-built and J-3 580 barely fits. The Overland Models J-3 is magnificent.
This is what Marie 535 looked like while in process for the City of Memphis rendition. All the major parts have been made, yet to assemble. Details and paint to come. The brass overlay for the boiler was hand-formed over a block of wood carved to the shape of outer limits of the Mantua boiler. I retained the boiler for weight and to fill in behind the open spaces under the streamlining. The tender is made from patterns generated while building model 576.

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