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Low resolution shot of Baldwin VO 1000 number 50 on a cab hop through a cut near Nashville. Actually, this engine is used as my passenger Terminal switcher, and is out of place moving a caboose. The models are: an Athearn S12 changed to better look like a VO-1000, with custom lettering and some details and The caboose is an ancient Varney with custom decoration, details, lights and interior.
Shop shots at night are dramatic, I think. The Walthers Cornerstone Car shop that has been narrowed and extended makes an interesting shot with a freshly painted NC&StL hopper spotted inside. The building needs a lot more “junk” and tools laying around though….
A pair of NC F-3’s struggle around a sharp curve “somewhere in the Tennessee hills”. This actually is the cut between Shops and Nashville as a “view block” between those two scenes. The strata is classic broken ceiling tiles.
Railroads are messy sometimes, and create lots of used up steel and parts. The RR scene is always changing in this way, so there can be piles of junk and parts laying around all over the place. Next to Kayne roundhouse, it makes an interesting and authentic detail that is easy to model.
Engine 654 “Hot and Now” as the recent Krispy Kreme ad goes. On the Kayne ready track, this highly modified Tyco Mike simmers away. The hostler will soon take her to the adjacent yard for dispatching on the next westbound freight that fits her ability. One rare feature of this model engine is its Kemtron full-working Walschearts valve gear. By full working, I mean the radius rods go up and down in their expansion links for forward and reverse, not just the normal fixed action of most models.
NC&StL J-3 57 number 576 eases off the turntable unaided headed into the forth and last stall of the Kayne Ave. roundhouse. In prototype practice, such moves were never done without a “man on the ground” (the turntable operator) to approve every wheel passing over the gap from turntable to stall track. This was a very dangerous move, as a derailment on a turntable is difficult to fix, and ties up a whole railroad. Maryann added a sky over the flat representing Cummins Station.

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