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In the transition era (from Steam to Diesel), all railroads maintained servicing facilities for both types of power.   This was an inconvenience, and an extra expense that was sometimes avoided by concentrating one type of power on a given section or division of that road.   The NC&StL did not have that luxury, so steam and Diesel engines worked side-by-side all over the road till the end of steam sometime in 1952.

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576a.jpg (45349 bytes)

The scratch-built 576, fresh from the shop, poses outside on a portable 1’x4’ module built for photography.  Natural sunlight and low perspectives aid the realism.  Forgive me, the color of the water tank is NOT prototype!  The scenic attempts are also in process at this point.  Photo made with Nikon EM, 26mm lens a f22, 1996.

Deisels at shops1.jpg (53359 bytes)

Overview of track and shop arrangement along one wall.  I use the "Shops" area exclusively for Diesel servicing and freight/ passenger car repair.  Storage of supplies and work/wreck trains is here.  Directly under the bench work is the work table.  The Memphis double-track main goes through the center.  In the background is the Wye through the wall to the L&N staging yard.

Deisels at shops 2a.jpg (39715 bytes)

This view shows the sanding and fueling area, plus Diesel ready tracks.  In the background is a pair of F-7’s done up in freight or switcher scheme.  The full-sized NC&StL never had any painted like that, but I wondered what it would look like.  All my Diesels are modified to operate smoothly and quietly, with added details to better resemble full-size ones.

P1010018a.jpg (53452 bytes)

Another view of the sand and fuel rack at Shops with and F-7 holding the Main, while an EMD GP-7 stands at the rack.  The early "geeps" bought by the NC&StL were odd in that they were ordered with AAR switcher trucks.  This model of #701 is an H.O. Lionel shell on an Athearn chassis, modified with the correct trucks, and the usual upgrades for better appearance and operation.

Cmr2626b.jpg (50039 bytes)

This is my friend’s NP 2626 H.O. model taken at the Carolina Midland (Greensboro, NC) club layout at Wentworth in 1998.  The picture graced the cover our newsletter, the "TELEGRAPH", on the occasion of the club’s 25th anniversary.  Photo with Pentax 110 w/pinhole, background sky added on the computer and sharpness enhanced.


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