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L&N trains were as common as NC&StL in Nashville. Geep number 507 is a heavily modified Athearn custom painted, weathered and detailed specific for L&N 507. It uses a GP 35 frame and has all the usual upgrades for good running. It was usual for L&N to lash up Diesels in strange configurations.
At Kayne Ave. engine terminal, there was a four stall roundhouse which is long gone. It was used to service the terminal switchers and do light repairs on road units. Here I have staged a hostler next to the ready track shack as Mikado number 672 sits ready. 671 was the last real number of a Mikado on the NC, class L-2.
Another view of Mikado 672 “hot and ready” on the outbound track at Kayne Ave. engine house. Numbers 672 and 3 are “what-if” class L-3 made from Tyco Mikes with Pacific boilers, USRA cabs and Bachman semi-Vanderbilt tenders. These two engines have synchronized steam sound and all the usual upgrades for flawless operation.
Double header through Nashville with J-1 mountain number 553 and J-3 “stripe” 576. The otherwise stock USRA Bachman Mountain has been slightly modified with NC styling queues and re-arranged details. Two grace my RR, one having had its number changed to 550 and details also re-arranged.. Typically I run them together with a string of 12 heavyweights from Bachman. Note that both a 4-8-2 and a 4-8-4 are of the same class prefix on the NC&StL.
A view from Broadway, NC steamer 654 is having trouble with her fire as she struggles to get to shops for repairs, probably to the blower. Smoke abatement was very important to Nashville and to the NC. This model is a heavy-duty re-do of a Tyco mike using a Cary light mike boiler, Kemtron working valve gear and cylinders and details specific to engine 654.The tender is unusual in that it is rectangular, not Vanderbilt.

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