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Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis steam locomotive number 576 has been located in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee since September 30, 1953.

576 is the only confirmed remaining steam engine from this southern railroad.  

Over the years, the engine has lost many detail parts, and is currently behind a locked fence to deter further theft.  Unfortunately, it is still exposed to weather elements and is in need of protection from deteriorating effects of the weather.  

We established a discussion group in 1999 dedicated to this effort, in hopes of minimally erecting a shed over 576.   While the City of Nashville did finally build the shed, other problems followed (pigeons, lack of fence, etc.).   Ideally, we would love to see 576 restored to running condition!

If you would like to join our efforts,  want further information, or have been involved in similar projects in the past, please subscribe using the following link:

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This effort has evolved over the several years to a new group --  the NC&StL Railway Preservation Society, Inc.  The NCPS is a nonprofit corporation chartered in Tennessee in 2001; dedicated to the preservation of artifacts and history of the NC&StL Railway.  Membership is open to all who want to help achieve that goal.

In keeping with the charter, the NCPS wants to restore #576 to operating condition. By operating the engine, income for future maintenance can be assured. Every day that passes the chances of restoring this engine successfully grow worse. Every smashed valve or part, every stolen element lessens the chance. If the engine is to be saved, it must be rescued from the neglect and negligence it is currently suffering.

Can you help us in our efforts?  Are you willing to donate time or money to this project?  We are currently seeking active members, donations and letters of intent to strengthen our position for the restoration.

For further information, please see the NCPS web page at www.ncstl.com.



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