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Dsc00016a.jpg (60223 bytes) Southern Railway’s Green and Gold Pacific type steam engines were arguably the most beautiful steamers to roam the rails. (A tie with the N&W Bullet-nosed "J" class, maybe.)  They are however a Royal Pain to neatly paint and decorate in H.O. scale.  This custom painted unweathered unit is ready to go home to the customer.  There is a prototype preserved at the Smithsonian Museum in D.C.
Dsc00019a.jpg (75584 bytes) Roundhouse Interior:  Though a bit dark (roundhouses WERE dark!) the digital lens sneaks a peek out to the turntable where a crew is turning an NC&StL heavyweight observation car.  This 4 stall house was built of balsa and cardstock 30 years ago out of my imagination.  In the background is a computer generated building flat of the place where Maxwell House Coffee originated.  Now known as Cummins Station in Nashville, the building still stands.
Module, 2 steama.jpg (82229 bytes) Two modified, but pre-lettered for NC&StL, Bachman 4-8-2 Mountain types are displayed in the sun on a winter’s day.  These engines run pretty well and look great.  I have changed the factory number on one to be 550.  There are three Mountain types on my roster, the other being a Bowser that I built back in the ‘70’s to be a class J1a, with Delta trailing truck and tank type Vanderbilt tender.  The semaphore signal was correct for early-day NC operations, and shows the engine crew on the right that they may proceed from the side track.  The digital camera likes bright light, so the module was carried outside.
Shops 550 553a.jpg (51401 bytes) The pair of Bachman Mountains came already painted and lettered, were not exactly right for the NC in their details placement.  Moving the bell from the front and applying a signature "capped" smoke-stack helped correct this and was not much trouble.  There are other things that are wrong, but these two details were key to the NC look.  The tenders are smaller than correct, but it’s okay with me!  I am just glad to see my favorite RR being offered in current production.
A custom painted and lettered Athearn F-7 A-B-B-A set accompanies the pair of Bachman Mountains in front of Shops.  The Mountains stand on the Memphis mains while the F’s are on the outbound ready track.  Interestingly, the Diesel A-units (with cabs) came equipped without steam generators, but the B-units were.  Many survived into the late 80’s, serving other RR’s such as the Clinchfield RR.  At least one, maybe two survive today, thus proving the worthiness of EMD power to supercede steam locomotion (a hard thing to admit).

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