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Sunset at Wentworth: My friend that owns the NP#2626 also has this Great Northern 4-8-4 in "Glacier Park" colors. I t is a fine runner and beautifully done.  It is depicted here at sunset (applied by Maryann with the computer) at the station at Wentworth on the Carolina Midland club.  The view is facing the other direction from NP 2626’s picture.

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One of the first pictures made with the pinhole equipped Pentax110.  Taken outdoors on the "photo module".  This demonstrates the effectiveness of realistic perspective resulting from the center of the lens being an H.O. scale 6’ from the ground.  The pinhole assures sharp focus from up close (1") to the real trees 50’ away.  754 is another Athearn model custom painted and modified per my specs.

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Broad Street: This view would have been available in real life due to the presence of the Nashville Newspaper’s building, still there today.  The road bridge is Broad Street Viaduct and the area is known colloquially as "Railroad Gulch".  The RR (still) calls it Kayne Avenue Yard.  All the Freight and passenger switching was done here until moved to Nashville’s Radnor Yard, and passenger service was discontinued.

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Cab Shot:  Though technically not a very good shot, this demonstrates the use of the digital camera’s small tethered lens.  It was placed inside the front part of a cut-up Athearn F-7 body, and shot through the front window.  This would be like what an engineer might see if he were ¾" tall.  I have done this with the small video camera, too.  The effect is startling.

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USRA 0-8-0:  I also sometimes do custom painting and weathering for other people.  Here is a Southern Railway USRA 0-8-0 switcher ready to go home.  Weathering, thoughtfully applied, can enhance the realism of small models.  Oddly, heavy weathering seems to look better on film than in person.


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