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576 at shops1.jpg (45425 bytes) Here, a scratch-built in brass Dixie type 4-8-4 exercises at "Shops" in Nashville before being dispatched to Kayne Avenue yard.  A new pair of A-B EMD F-3s are being hostled in the background.   The Fs are custom painted Athearn units.  The shop building is a kit-bashed Cornerstone Backshop (lengthened and narrowed).
LOUISVILLE SOUTH1.jpg (45363 bytes) Behind the wall from Nashville resides the L&N holding and staging yard.  Six tracks wide, with some switching available.  Two tracks go straight into Nashville.  One swings right to form a "Wye" that connects a "Shops".  All are interconnected.  The engines are all custom painted and modified from a variety of manufacturers.  One ALCO even has sound.
809.jpg (27539 bytes) Heres a closer look at the NC&StL Diesel paint and lettering scheme on F-7 #809 as she passes Shops on the eastbound main.  These engines are fairly new at this point in time, but already, the blue paint has faded some.  This unfinished model is an Athearn product.  Decals are supplied my Microscale, but the gray lower portion supplied with the decal set was not used.  This is painted, instead.
P9090004a.jpg (50355 bytes) Engine 576 is on a ready track at Shops as a USRA 2-8-2 glides by on its way to Memphis with a train in tow.  The Mikado 654 is built on a Tyco chassis, having a boiler made by Cary and many, many added brass details, including a working Walschearts valve gear.  (The reversing link or radius rod, is actually moveable.)  Digital photo, slightly enhanced.
P9090008a.jpg (50896 bytes) A better view of Mikado #654 headed west at Shops.  The cars grumbling behind is a solid block of empty covered hoppers destined for Potash lading near Bruceton, Tennessee.  Unlike most equipment on this model RR, these cars came from the manufacturer (Bowser, bless their hearts!) already lettered and individually numbered for the NC&StL railroad.

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