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This is the very first brass loco I ever owned.  NC&StL #954 is a very old PFM Frisco Russian, slightly re-detailed; with a can motor, constant lighting, synchronized exhaust sound and a scratch-built low-side tender appropriate for NC&StL class P-1-51 Russians. 

Engine is posed at Wentworth Coal Dock on the now-dismantled club layout of the Greensboro, NC Carolina Midland Railroad in January, 2001. The coaling tower and water tank are now in my possession and will be used on my layout at home.

The NC&StL obtained their 2-10-0's from the Southern Ry.

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Northern Pacific Q-6 #2256 This is a custom HO job built for my good friend Dick Williams.  The basis is a Powerhouse USRA 4-6-2, re-detailed specific to #2256.  Included are a scratch built NP cab (brass), an NP Q-6 Brass tender from NWSL, constant lighting (including cab) and light grey boiler and cylinder jackets. I hated to give it up! The original photo has had a Pacific Northwest backdrop added to it, thanks to my good wife, Maryann.

A pair of GE 44 tonners (half the NC’s roster of GE’s) head up an eastbound potash train from Bruceton as an emergency use of switcher power. Here they pass by Shops on the westbound main in an unusual opposing move. Both engines are Bachman, custom painted. Number 101 was painted for NCPS VP Terry Coats. 103 is equipped with a Keystone mechanism. The cars are stock Bowser with Kaydee wheels and couplers, weathered a little.
GE 44 ton engines were designed for one man crews, 45 tons being the weight at which a fireman was required by the Union agreement. Here this photo emulates one staged by the NC. This engine 103 was custom painted for NCPS VP Terry Coats of Nashville and is an otherwise stock Bachmann except for Kadee scale couplers.
EMD F-3 number 800 paired with B-unit 900 was the first Diesel road unit on the N and C. A-units were ordered without steam generators, but B-units were so equipped. Here an ancient Varney F-3 is also my first Diesel road unit, painted way back in 1968. Though the color and details are incorrect, it represents history with me and I leave it as it is. The exception is that it has a modified late Athearn chassis and NWSL wheels so it runs quite well.
A view from the auto dealership across the tracks from Union Station Nashville shows the City of Memphis on the westbound main. Typically, the daily train from Memphis departed Nashville about 1PM from a track under the station after being turned and serviced. The entire train was a home-made affair built by the RR in 1946 of re-cycled Pullman cars and an old engine. The model is no exception as the engine is built from a veteran fifties Mantua Pacific and the cars are customized or semi-scratch built.

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