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 Trains - The Story

This has been a life-long love-affair that now manifests itself in model building and photography.  I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, but moved away in 1961.  Up till that time there were three railroads that served the area, the Louisville and Nashville, the Tennessee Central, and the Nashville, Chattanooga and Saint Louis Railroads.  All of these roads are just a memory now, mostly gobbled up by the CSX, or just abandoned.  I have chosen to remember them all by way of models.  Some of them are painstakingly hand built or modified to better represent the way things were railroad-wise in Nashville and beyond, in 1950.  I was only 8 years old... more

The Models

Photos of HO scale model trains. Includes notes and comments. Click photo to enlarge, and use your browser's back button to return to the photo pages. more

Railroad Photography

All of the model railroad photography herein was done with a variety of cameras, some inside, some outside, sometimes aided with fill flash. The main camera is a Nikon EM with either a 26 or 35mm lens.  Sometimes I have had the application of a removable pinhole in use.  I use an oldie-but-goodie Nikon "F" for full-size stuff, and fieldwork such as it is. more

NC&StL 576

Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis steam locomotive number 576 has been located in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee since September 30, 1953.

576 is the only confirmed remaining steam engine from this southern railroad.   more

Can Motors for Sale

Looking for a low cost alternative to expensive can motors? I was and I discovered these! They are not for the inexperienced modeler as some ingenuity and skill is required to install... more


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