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  Can Motors

Looking for a low cost alternative to expensive can motors? I was — and I discovered these! They are not for the inexperienced modeler as some ingenuity and skill is required to install.


You’ll be amazed how much better your engines will run with these motors;
especially if you add a flywheel of your choice.


Famous maker precision instrument motor

Smooth and quiet, low current draw (200 ma stalled rotor)

Very powerful medium speed

Excellent for re-powering model steam locomotives, or dual motoring certain diesel locomotives.

Single shaft 1.5 mm by 12 mm (1/2 inch)

Overall length (shaft to connections) less than 2 inches.

Motor body 1-1/4" by 3/4" by 5/8" approx.

Motor connections isolated from motor body

Brand new, unused; tested

I installed one of these in a Tyco mechanism with Tyco gears. Top speed operation greatly improved for approximately 100 smph. Smooth starts. Very little speeding up or slowing down on hills. Easy installation with silicone adhesive. Fits into Tyco boiler with no modifications to boiler, even when mounted back in the firebox.




The Tyco worm gear will need a sleeve to fit the 1.5 mm shaft.

When fit into the firebox of Tyco boiler, this style of mounting will require separate worm support or gear box of some sort. Current Mantua production uses a slick gear box design that will fit early frames.

No instructions included — up to the modeler to figure out how to install or adapt to your application. While the Tyco engine was the "test mule", these motors obviously have applications in lots of other products!

These are brand new motors. Never been run, except to test and verify working condition. Seller assumes no responsibility for acceptability for your application.

Brand-new, famous maker, $12.00 each, plus shipping.  Discounts for quantities and advice on how to install them available.  Send Email  


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